Cecilia Yen Lin

MC , Founder of Cecilia Yen

I’m a Professinal MC

Emcee CC – Your Reliable Master of Ceremonies


Are you looking for such a professional effective & efficient emcee to create an event alive and replete with laughter & unforgettable episodes?  I am the one you are looking for- Emcee Cecilia.


I have more than 8 years of experience and exposure in hosting more than 300 events including wedding and corporate dinner.


Spontaneous, creative, lively, humorous, friendly and interactive are my individuality. I take pride in my role, holds great responsibility ensuring top quality results in every job that I participates. I also works hand in hand with my coordinator in planning  the rundown for clients to ensure the event/night runs flawlessly .


My mission – to let the guests enjoy in smiles & be moved in hearts.

My Promise – to give the customers the most precious memories & treasured episodes.




Emcee Cecilia, 您可信赖的主持人。




我的使命 – 就是让来宾极至享受,带笑感动回家。

我的承诺 – 就是为顾客留下美好且珍贵的回忆。


  • Greenapple Organic
  • Expression Two Event
  • 幸福婚享
  • Huan Schen Sdn Bhd
  • Tadika Hati Ria
  • Tadika Dragonfly’s

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